Paithani Saree...a poem in silk and gold..

Among all the sarees, Paithani is the most beautiful and gorgeous sarees. It is made of pure silk. It is completely handmade.

The saree derives it's name from the village of Paithan. However, now Paithani is made in several places notably Yeola, Aurangabad and of course Paithan.

The unique signature of the paithani is it's brocade pallav (Padar) and borders which are made of Zari. In older days, the Zari used to be derived from gold, however, now silver is used instead. They used to say that paithani never lost it's value. The sari could be burnt and the gold could still be extracted and usually used to be of more value than the paithani's orginial value when it was bought. Great deal huh!!

How to buy a paithani

There are several factors affecting paithani. The quality and origin of silk used, the thread count, quality of craftsmanship etc.

The silk used in a good paithani comes mainly for Banglore. However, there is a brand of cheaper silk which could be used. Superficially they may look same, but over a period of time the cheap silk will show it's effect and by the time it is too late.

The thread count refers to how tightly the sari is woven. Again, when the sari is new, only a trained paithani expert can easily tell the difference. However, for a novice there will be very little visible difference.

Finally the craftsmanship has it's own effect, the quality of zari work makes a great difference.

Best way to buy a paithani is to go to a reliable store selling authentic paithani saree (see the link for palavi handicrafts below). This way you can be sure about the quality and reliability of the fabric, craftsmanship and fair price.

After all, Paithani is a life long investment in a traditional wear which we have come to be so proud of.

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