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Paithani is made from very fine silk, it is considered as one of the most expensive saris in India.
It is one of the most famous saris in India.It is also considered to be made from the finest silk in India.
Paithani is characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu with a Peacock design.
Plain as well as spotted designs are available.A pattan (Paithani) is a gold and silk sari.
In the revival of Paithani weaving, the production was oriented towards export requirements, while saris were produced only for sophisticated buyers.Paithanievolved from a cotton base to a silk base. Silk was used in weft designs and in the borders, whereas cotton was used in the body of the fabric. paithani, paithani saree ,yeola paithani,saree, paithani online, paithani dress, paithani blouse, paithani saree online, paithani saree price, paithani kurti, paithani blouse design, paithani saree blouse design, only paithani shop,online paithani,paithani online.

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